3D Animation Software Test

This is some hilarious animation test footage, “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” created by visual effects artist Dave Fothergill on Autodesk Maya. I could watch this over and over.

Weird Lock

Check out what looks like the most secure lock in the world. Crazy! Try picking that!

Some poor kid lost their #Lego sai at trader joes :( I know I’d be sad if I were him. #losttoy


I have been one of those people that have been made fun of for having a piece of tape stuck over my laptop camera. I would love to get one of these. Simple solution and a lot more elegant than a piece of tape. Check out Nope on Kickstarter, fund this project and keep cyber peeping toms from snapping pictures of you while you sleep!

Rossling & Co. Automatic

Looking for a Kickstarter to fund? Also looking for a new automatic watch to add to your watch collection? Then you should probably check out Rossling & Co.’s new automatic watch on Kickstarter.

Shaken or Stirred?

Do you know when or why to shake or stir a cocktail? I didn’t, but with the help of Robert Hess fromt he latest episode of The Cocktail Spirit, the difference is clear. HAH! Get it!? Clear…sorry just watch the video.

Patek Philippe 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch

Watch as the Patek Philippe 5175R Grandmaster Chime is precisely constructed. It always amazes me how precise and intricate watches are.

The Vignelli Canon

Last night I decided to read through a 96 page book published by the late Mas­simo Vignelli titled the Vignelli Canon. The book gives great details into Vignelli’s methodology as well as revitalized and reminded me of my love for grids. The book is avail­able for free online in PDF for­mat and I highly recommend reading through it. It’s a quick read, I promise!

The Glenlivet Nàdurra Dram Chair

Glenlivet has been crafting Nàdurra — Gaelic for “natural” — whiskey since 1824 and to celebrate its heritage, they have commissioned British furniture designer Gareth Neal to create the Nàdurra Dram Chair. Check out the video to see the process behind creating this beautiful chair.

The Floyd Shelf

Remember the Floyd Leg? Well now there is the Floyd Shelf! I am definitely entertaining the idea of getting a bunch of these to put up on my wall, they cost just as much as getting Ikea shelving, but look much better. Although I may go for the coffee table first.