Pen Spinning

So this is a thing. “Epic Pen Spinning” is a film by a Taiwanese production company Kuma Films and features Ian Jenson and PPM the pen spinning pair. PPM is competing in the video based Pen Spinning World Cup 2014. Anyone wanna take up pen spinning with me?

Artifact Uprising for iPhone

"Because Design Matters"  — AU

Artifact Uprising (AU) is a new mobile app that aids you in transforming the memories you log on your iPhone into a tangible book or postcards of memories that you can customize yourself. The entire interface looks pretty intuitive. I can’t wait to try this out.

Hand Painted Royal Enfield Tank

This guy’s got some major pin-striping skills.

Artist: Rachel Suggs

I always love finding new artists to follow online. The internet is such a wonderful place to find gems such as the works of Rachel Suggs. Her line work is exquisite and paintings/illustrations are just awe inspiring. Be sure to check out her work!

Nearly there! #painting #artistlife #art #gouache #drawing

Decided to protect my #book with a book sleeve like I used to in highschool. Gave it a #personalized look though. #artistlife #designerlife #reading

Google’s Gray Phone

The modular phone concept that was buzzing about a while ago is not back with an expected launch date. The concept behind the phone is that it is designed for you to design it. Each component from the camera lens, the memory storage, the antenna and etc is completely modular and removable. You can basically upgrade your phone piece by piece rather than having to purchase an entire phone, just replace the piece that you need to upgrade. The Gray phone is scheduled to go on sale in Jan 2015 around $50 bucks, but you’ll probably start hurting in the wallet when you begin to customize the phone.

Sungha Jung

Last night my fiancee and I were looking around for acoustic versions of songs we like to play at our wedding and while we were looking, we stumbled across Sungha Jung. Apparently he’s been around on youtube for a while but dang! This guy is crazy!

Nomos Glashuette Watches

Watches are extremely intricate devices that have the ability to capture our most abstract commodity of time. Catch a glimpse of the process of creating one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery man has created that is now being replaced by the clocks on our phones.

Cover Art

"The Art of Cover Design." This video from Random House features cover designers Christopher Brand, Chip Kidd, Peter Mendelsund, Marysarah Quinn, and Robbin Schiff and explains the process behind what it takes to create an engaging book cover.