Adam Lewis Greene’s kickstarter project Bibliotheca, in my opinion, has hit the nail on the head. I love my Bible, that’s for sure, but when I look at it from a design perspective it is actually quite painful. The letters are super tiny, the superscripts are even tinier, I never understood why there were two columns, and the paper is just far too thin. It does feel like a chore to read.

I share similar views on design with Green, but the difference is that he has turned a complaint into a fruitful project. The thought that he put into redesigning the Bible is just mind blowing to me and I immediately backed this project with no hesitation. I would have loved to get the entire set inside the walnut slipcase, but that was a bit out of reach for me.

Whether you believe the Bible to be true or not, this project is definitely worth supporting just from the design perspective alone. I can’t wait to get my copy of this set!

Elements of Design

A great animation by Matt Greenwood about very important elements of design that should always be considered. They don’t all need to be implemented, but they should be considered when you approach your design.

Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1 Back On The Silver Screen

Peter Capaldi’s first episode as the 12th Doctor, Deep Breath, will be shown on the big screen around the world on August 23 2014 just like when the 50th anniversary was screened. Who wants to join me on yet another whovian adventure?

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Bunch O Balloons

DEEENNNNGGG! GATHER YOUR TROOPS. If you love water balloon fights or have kids that want to have water balloon fights and you also hate how it takes half a day to just fill up one balloon, you should probably back this kickstarter campaign.

I totally wish I had this when I was younger. I would have mauled my brother with water balloons like there was no tomorrow.

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JIBO: First Family Robot

Robots will probably be a part of our lives sooner than we think. Indiegogo campaign, JIBO, is a project to create the world’s first family robot. There are many functions that JIBO is supposed to fulfill. I feel that they have aimed a bit high in terms of how well JIBO will be able to interact with humans in their concept video but they definitely have taken, in my opinion, a huge step forward in how humans will probably interact with robots. 

Interested to learn more about the campaign and project? Head over to their indiegogo page and support JIBO!

Assassin’s Creed Unity x Parkour

Assassin’s Creed Unity meets Parkour in real life. Really fun video of the assassins running through modern day Paris. But what is even better is the behind the scenes video of how they shot the entire film.